Intro to Slumping
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Intro to Slumping

2 Little dishes
Join Glass Designs by Lori, to create your own pieces of fused glass. This
introductory workshop gives you the opportunity to design two trinket dishes. You will learn to
cut, shape and assembly the glass in a design of your choice. Lori will assist you along the
way. You will learn the details of the technique of slumping. Lori will take your designs to
her kiln and fire your glass to 1450 degrees to create 1 piece of glass. After cooling she?ll
then put your glass on a mold and refire for a longer period of time at a lesser temperature
in the kiln to slump the glass into the mold to create the square trinket dishes. (Lori will
deliver the finished products back to the class location for you to pick up the following
week.) All materials, supplies and tools are included. Must wear closed toe shoes.

Intro to Slumping

$ 60.00

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